Anonymous asked:

Confession about you; Girls always tell you that your cute and amazing etc. (basically flirting with you), but you don't tell them not to say it. Personally, you should be a little more "thanks but I have a girlfriend".

That concern is sort of valid, but it would only be a problem if me and Katie didn’t trust each other 100%, yanno?

All the nice messages I get are from often from people a lot younger than me, and even when they’re not, they are all on a website and the likely hood of me meeting any these people is slim to none. This is gonna sound super egotistical but I have to make a point: the messages I get are essentially fanmail. So if someone is all like “omfg i love u” I don’t see that as a romantic approach, I see it as “thanks a lot for thing, it makes me smile.” and I appreciate it as such.

I also make it pretty known how much I adore Katie. She has never been “jealous” or anything like that, and has even pointed out how many nice messages I get when I’m sad/angsty. We both understand that I weirdly have a little fanbase and it doesn’t affect our relationship at all.

Thank you for your concern though! I’ll be tagging this with my music so that people stopping by after the fact will get the memo as well. (I’m on mobile so it will be edited in.)

ps. If any one tries to send bad things to this person through MY inbox, 1) its not going through 2) shame on you