A kinda weird question, but, I, like many others no doubt, have downloaded all your mashups and put them into itunes. I have their artist filled in as Aeyelaeyen, and I wonder if it would be appropriate for me to have the artist as Greater Than, or is that reserved for your original pieces? Basically, which pseudonym are your mash-ups published under?


this is a good question… I do like to think Greater Than is reserved for my original stuff, so I guess Aeyelaeyen is my mash up name

Welcome To The Black Parade // Can’t Hold Us

This one is important to me because I want people to be able to appreciate different genres wholeheartedly. If you only listen to one style of music and refuse to listen to anything else, you’re missing out on so much fantastic and creative stuff that you would never even knew you liked.

tl;dr dont hate celebrate


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