Mash Up Playlist!

I was asked to make a playlist of some of my mash ups so here it is, 15 (or should I say 30!?) songs to bop your head to. In this order.

  1. Miss Jackson Knows What You Did In The Dark - Fall Out Boy / Panic! at the Disco (x)
  2. Somewhere Under The Stars - All Time Low / All Time Low (x)
  3. Mr. Brightside All Over - Mayday Parade / The Killers (x)
  4. Semi-Automatic Kids - Twenty One Pilots / MGMT (x)
  5. The Kids From Yesterday Have A Dark Alley And A Bad Idea - Fall Out Boy / My Chemical Romance (x)
  6. These Wordplays - Jason Mraz / Natasha Bedingfield (x)
  7. Where Did (The After Life Of) The Party Go - Fall Out Boy / Fall Out Boy (x)
  8. Oh Well, Go To Hell - Mayday Parade / Go Radio (x)
  9. Coffee’s For Missing You - Fall Out Boy / Fall Out Boy (x)
  10. Bittersweet Fences - Paramore / Panic! at the Disco (x)
  11. Daydream Volcanoes - All Time Low /  Fall Out Boy (x)
  12. The Young and Beautiful State Of Dreaming - Marina and the Diamonds / Lana Del Rey (x)
  13. Nearly A Catch, Donnie - Fall Out Boy / Panic! at the Disco (x)
  14. Harlem For Hands - Twenty One Pilots / New Politics (x)
  15. Alone Together Is Gospel - Fall Out Boy / Panic! at the Disco (x)

My music mash up playlist girlwiththetoilettattoo i didnt really know how to go about this i hope im doing it right

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